What do we do?

There is a suitable lid for every pot.

We believe that every company has a unique DNA and that the application process is about more than grades and professional references.

That is why we have developed MATCHINGBOX. A platform that puts the individual and unmistakable fingerprint of each applicant in the foreground in a modern way: his or her motivation and personality. Using a scientific online analysis, candidates gain important insights into their personal and social skills and find out which areas of activity are suitable in professional life. Employers benefit equally from precisely tailored candidate recommendations, tailored to their own corporate culture.



How do we do it?

This is where what belongs together comes together.

The MATCHINGBOX test procedure was developed to give young people support on their career path on the one hand and to make it easier for companies to select suitable candidates on the other.

Only soft components such as personality traits, individual strengths and potentials are consciously analyzed. In the matching process, the candidates test results are then compared with job offers, company-specific career factors and aspects of the corporate culture. The aim is to be able to influence important parameters of personnel management through a high level of cultural fit. Decreasing fluctuation in the workforce, greater employee commitment, increased job satisfaction and performance, as well as significantly lower sickness rates can now be sustainably addressed.



Why all this?

The year is 2014. The end of our own student days was approaching. Disorientation and especially this one question became widespread. Where is the professional journey to go? As it should soon turn out, not only the candidates, but also the employers looking for new staff are aware of this fact.

The dilemma of both sides could be broken down to one point: We know what we can do, but do we know who we are? Professional competences can be learned, touched and changed. Personal fit on the other hand is not. The reality of the application process is ultimately a decision based on a subjective gut feeling rather than on a systematically transparent record. We have set out to change that. We look at personnel selection like a silent movie and now write the subtitles. We love what we do and work hard to ensure that everyone can experience this feeling at work.



Who is behind MATCHINGBOX?

Benjamin Pieck


Thomas Rinker


Christopher Koster

Art Director

Simon Galka


Björn Hase